K3 marriage visa, Part 1

When some men go to the Philippines and meet a lady that they have been communicatingvisa pro with on the Internet or through letters for several months. When the man proposes marriage to a Filipina and she accepts a lot of him wants to be married in the Philippines.

There is nothing wrong with getting Continue reading

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Men move to the Philippines to live

There are many men and some women from the United States and a lot of other foreign visa procountries. That meets Filipino women on the Internet or through letters and moved to the Philippines to live.

You may ask yourself why would somebody Continue reading

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Why so many get married in the Philippines

Why is it so important to a Filipina to get married in the Philippines? It is mostly to do withvisa pro the culture, their culture they have been raised from a child to believe that you must be married before living with someone. So most Filipinas will insist on getting married in the Philippines before they will move to another country with anyone.

Some Filipinas will go to the United States or other countries before their marriage but when they get there they insist on getting married Continue reading

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It’s the time of the year again

Another year as past it is Christmas time again time went by fast. I would like to wish allvisa pro my readers of this website a very Merry Christmas and I hope everybody has a happy new year. Due to the economy Continue reading

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Scams to look out for

Searching for your soul mate on the Internet if it may be in match sites, dating sites, chatvisa pro rooms or even singles clubs.

There are many different scams on the Internet these days and even communicating by mail. You have to watch out for many of these so you don’t get scammed. And there is always new ones coming up on Internet all the time.

It is a scam is commonly used by women on the Internet or what you think may be a woman. It works like this: Continue reading

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Two-year green card


You asked what is a two year green card? When you bring a fiancée over to thevisa pro United States on a K-1 fiancée visa you have three months to get married and to file for her two-year residency card. When you get a fiancée visa it just does not end there you have to file for a two-year residency card.

 If you fiancée comes here and do not get married in those three months she will have to return back to her country doesn’t matter if it’s the Philippines or what other country that is all the same. And if that person does not go back they are here Continue reading

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Filipina profiles

If there is any Filipinas that live in the Philippines or Filipinas lives in the US Continue reading

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Funny things Americans do well in the Philippines

 As many foreigner goes to the Philippines for the first time do funny things. These things will not get you invisa pro trouble it is just a little funny and everybody laughs it off. Just remember when you go to the Philippines is not your country so respected it like you would like them to respect yours. Americans as foreigners in the Philippines are called kano as their term for Americans.

 There in the Philippines they have many different type taxis is on like taxis in our cars, taxis like a small bus that they call V’s hire, they have what they call scooter taxis that is a small scooter usually like a 125 Honda, Yamaha, something like that with a sidecar on the side is many different sizes. Have to remember that most of the people that live in the Philippines are quite a bit smaller than the Americans. And they also have taxis that are a bicycle with a small sidecar for two people maybe a few bags if they are small.

 When I first went to the Philippines Continue reading

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K-1 visa time for the embassy

In the past articles I have talked about all the forms and documents that you have with the forms for the K-1 fiancée visa for the immigration in the US. Forms have all been sent to immigration and have theirvisa pro approval and you have gotten your 797 notice, stating that paperwork has all been approved and it will be moved on to St. Louis Missouri further signature and sent on to Manila Philippines. When the embassy received the paperwork they will Continue reading

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K-1 visa part- 3

Ladies in the Philippines sometimes make bad choices to just like the American women do at times. Andvisa pro they get involved with the Filipino man who treated her badly gets pregnant and have a child then the man leaves and she all alone to raise the child.    Things like this happen now and then in the Philippines to just like some Americans, anybody can make bad mistake and have to deal with it afterwards. We as Americans make bad mistakes a few times in our lives.

 You have to remember to Filipino people are very Continue reading

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